Samsung beats Apple by wide margin in Rescuecom reliability report


Español: es una foto de una tablet Samsung

Español: es una foto de una tablet Samsung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Addition of tablets to reliability report significantly boosts Apple score

A new reliability report from Rescuecom shows Apple placing in second place, beaten by Samsung by a wide margin. The new report for the first quarter of 2013, which now takes into account tablets as well as computers, also puts Apple ahead of Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Dell, and Acer, with both Sony and Panasonic dropping out of the rankings entirely.

Statistics provided by Rescuecom put Apple as having 26.2-percent of the market share, when taking into account sales of the iPad, giving it almost a 12-percent lead on its nearest competitor, HP. The percentage of service calls to Rescuecom for Apple issues was 11 percent, the fifth highest of the eight companies listed. In comparison, Samsung is listed, according to the IDC-sourced numbers, as taking up 9.4-percent of shipped devices in the quarter, while Samsung support calls for the period reached 0.8 percent. By Rescuecom’s Computer Reliability Score system, Samsung with 1,170 beats Apple’s 237.

The figures are a departure from previous Rescuecom reports, due to the inclusion of tablets. CEO David Milman said “Much like the shift from PC desktops to laptops, a shift is happening from PCs to mobile computing, including tablets,” citing a shift in calls from computer support to tablet support.

A previous reliability report for the entirety of last year, which covers computers and notebooks without factoring in tablet support, places Apple sixth in the rankings with its 9.7-percent shipment share and 12.7-percent share of support calls. Current leader Samsung also topped that chart, though with a smaller 4.3-percent share of the market and 0.7-percent call volume.

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