Op-Ed. App Invasion: You Don’t Know Jack

flat,550x550,075,f[1]by unkonwn (courtesy techHive)

One of the first PC games I ever played was You Don’t Know Jack. My siblings and I would crowd around the family computer, frantically attempting to outscore the other team in the wacky trivia game, laughing at the antics of the host, and jamming at the keyboard to answer fastest. It was a good game, especially for 1995 AOL Chatrooms were the other “big” deal. (I cringe just thinking about those chatrooms….)

Anyhow. You can imagine how excited I was to see YDKJ reincarnated as a mobile app—and a free one at that. I immediately downloaded it, excited to once again hear the announcers puns, to see the animated clips that intro each question, to frantically mash at my screen during the Jack Attack…. And I wasn’t disappointed either. The mobile game, available on iOS, Android, and Facebook, retains much of the charm of the original.

There are still fake commercials and sponsors, host Cookie Masterson still makes lame puns (and you will still laugh at them), and the pop-culture question set is still phrased in hilarious ways and organized into question categories with mode names like DisOrDat, Gibberish, and Cookie’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie “Fortune Cookie” Masterson. Not even joking about that last one.

The mobile app asks you to log in with Facebook (or play as a unidentified guest), then takes you to a home screen where you can see how much “money” you’ve earned in past games, access free episodes with guest stars, and hear fake commercials. Just tap “Play Free” and the game begins. On the right hand side is a blue menu tab that you can tap to see your point accumulation, on the left a row of icons indicate your competitors in the round. You get five questions, and then a final round. There are in app-purchases available (mostly for tokens to remove ads or unlock levels) but there’s no need to pay out for them as the game is fun enough all on its own.

Thank you. TiA.


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