Amazon launches Storyteller to turn scripts into storyboards — automagically


Amazon launches Storyteller to turn scripts into storyboards — automagically

Upload your script, choose some backgrounds, and magically created a  professional-looking storyboard of your movie. Or the graphic novel version of  your text-based anything.

Amazon Studios released Storyteller today to allow  writers and filmmakers to quickly, easily — and cheaply — storyboard their  scripts. I’ve tried it, and while the service is still in beta, it’s  surprisingly good.

And it can be used for much, much more than just scripts.

You start by uploading a script to Amazon Studios — or by playing with one  that’s already there. Then simply page through the script paragraph by  paragraph. Storyteller will try to match up characters, props, and background  with the words in each chunk of text, and it does a surprisingly good job. In  the script I tried, there were some scenes on a ranch, and Storyteller found  some backgrounds with a farmhouse, horse corral, and mountains. For other indoor  scenes, Storyteller supplied an in-house view.

You can choose shot framing

You can choose shot framing

But if you don’t like what Storyteller gives, you can choose from its  library, or even upload your own custom background or characters. Currently, the  software has a library of thousands of props, characters, and backgrounds,  Amazon says, and that is probably increasing all the time.

I think this could be useful for a lot of people in situations far beyond  movies and scripts.

You need a visual story? Storyteller can help. You want to create a quick  overview of your long, in-depth essay or paper? Storyteller can help. You want  to make your business report come to life? Storyteller would be an interesting  way to create a graphic novel approach to communicating the dry facts.

The obvious question, of course, is: Why is Amazon creating a storyboarding  tool?

Amazon is pushing into original film and TV shows, and the company believes  this is one way to essentially crowdsource new content from the grassroots up.  Anyone, Amazon says, can upload a script, and it will be read by someone, and if  it’s optioned, they’ll be notified within 45 days. And, if you choose to make  your script public, you’ll also get feedback from the Amazon Studios  community.

Storyteller allows you to select characters ... or customize them

Storyteller allows you to select characters … or  customize them

Just last week, the company said in its release, “Amazon Studios greenlit its  first-ever original series, including comedies Alpha  House and Betas, and kids  series Annebots, Creative  Galaxy, and Tumbleaf.”

They’re original to Amazon, and will premiere on Prime Instant Video in 2013  and 2014.

Who knows — perhaps your script will too.

Thank you. TiA.


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