Amazon embraces the future with its own 3D printing section

Amazon embraces the future  with its own 3D printing sectionby Ricardo Bilton (courtesy VentureBeat)
Amazon is pushing 3D printing a little bit further into the  mainstream.

The  company has launched its own dedicated section to the technology on its  website, where shoppers can find printers, printer filament, books,  software, and accessories all in one place.

amazon-3d-printingThe move is obviously a massive boost for  the fledging consumer 3D printing market, which has slowly been creeping  into the mainstream but has so far largely lacked major corporate  retailer support. Prior to the Amazon move, probably the biggest comparable  news was Staples’s  decision to start selling the Cube, a 3D printer created by 3D Systems.

But what’s most interesting about the move is that  it shouldn’t have happened — at least not yet. When asked about 3D printing’s disruptive potential at a  recent shareholder meeting, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos admitted that while  the technology was exciting, it still had a long way to  go.

“I think the answer to that is, not anytime soon. That’s far, far in the  future,” he said.

Of course, Bezos was mostly just referring to Amazon using 3D printing in its  own distribution operations, not to the possibility of Amazon making a big deal  about selling 3D printers. So perhaps this is less of a conflict than it  seems.

As for the the new 3D section, it’s just starting out, so expect Amazon to  refine it as the industry continues to develop.

Thank you. TiA.

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