E3 2013: It’s PlayStation 4 over Xbox One as next-gen console war begins

XBoxVideo gamers are  leaning towards Sony’s new console in biggest battle of the Electronics  Entertainment Expo

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And in This Corner…  The  Playstation 4 (l.) and Xbox One (r.) have been the talk of this year’s  E3.  It’s not about user-friendly features. It’s just about being friendly to  your users. Sony gets that. And, at least for the moment, Microsoft does  not.

And that’s why the Sony PlayStation 4 has been the clear winner at this  week’s Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The PS4 and Xbox One  finally went head-to-head this week, sharing top billing at E3, and after  putting both next-gen gaming machines through their paces, it’s easy to name  Sony’s console as the winner. And thanks to some uneven decisions by Microsoft,  it’s not even all that close.

It’s early in this race, of course, months before either machine’s  pre-holiday release, but Sony has quickly endeared itself to gamers by aiming to  cater to their needs instead of catering to the apparent wants of big business.  Here’s a look:


At $399, the PlayStation 4 is a hundred bucks cheaper than the rival Xbox  One, and it has few of the Big Brother-type restrictions that Microsoft’s  already announced. In this regard, Sony started E3 with a major splash,  announcing that it would do nothing to curb the sharing, trading or selling of  used games.

Barely an hour after that statement, Sony delivered a riotous YouTube  video  mocking Microsoft’s lack of a similar policy. Microsoft, if  you’ll recall, has presented a program that remains confusing even now.  Essentially, the company says you can still trade in/sell/exchange your old  games, but publishers can set up their own restrictions.

Microsoft promises plenty of other potential goodies in this deal, of  course, but it’s hard to know how some of these things will work out. For  example, up to 10 members of your family can log into any Xbox One and play  games in your shared library. Of course, if you happen to be from a large  family, that just may leave somebody out. And if you’ve ever dealt with digital  lockers for such things as Flixster, or even iTunes, you know that these  seemingly large limits can run dry quite quickly.

Microsoft also includes the typical disclaimers, making sure to point out  that it can change its policies as it sees fit. That’s typical big  business-speak, but it’s something less likely to happen at Sony in the wake of  Jack Tretton’s big announcement of the company’s user-friendly approach toward  used games.

Put simply: You won’t pay as much for your PlayStation 4, and you’ll have an  easier time recapturing value in used games, too.

An Xbox One and its controller is on display at the Microsoft Xbox booth during the Electronics Expo 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

An Xbox One and its controller is on  display at the Microsoft Xbox booth during the Electronics Expo 2013 at the Los  Angeles Convention Center.

WINNER: PlayStation

Thank you. TiA.


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