Looks Like NYC Mayor Bloomberg Plans To Retire Working

English: New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

English: New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


By. A.M. Watts, TiA Staff

Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg,  if you recall, made a controversial departure from the Republican party in 2009 to win a third term as a New York City [Independent]  Mayor, a fete only clever minds with a good team, great attorney/advisor and phat bankroll can carry out.  Who thinks of this shinola to win?  Losers don’t.  It’s quite clear he likes something called…working.  And, unlike the rest of us, he works for real money.

While I fail (really) at politics and money, to meet Mr. Bloombergs level of success requires cleverly engineering day-to-day operations through a devotion to one’s own life!  COMMIT TO ME (you).  Let’s not confuse genius with money.  It takes a form of genius to get folks to understand and execute your vision.  It takes a leader to lead a village and a village to raise a child, even if that leaders spanish speaking sounds like english speaking spanish, his team comprendes.

Back to the topic.  Mayor Bloomberg is already planning his Mayoral retirement while maintaining the roll of  bossman of whatchamacallit, yea, Bloomberg L.P., look it up.  Affectionately, some of us retire to Florida and Nevada, while others retire to become king of another hill,  or at least to become a front-runner.  They say there is room for all of us at the top, the smaller percentage of us is what they meant.  All of us can’t fit on the mountain top, particularly with the current rise in obesity this side of the pond.

So, Mayor Edwin Lee of San Francisco and Mayor Bloomberg have collaborated to host a Tech Summit in their respective cities.  Of course  Bloomberg’s city is first with the Tech Summit scheduled for September 2013 and San Francisco’s launch scheduled for spring of 2014.   Go figure on your own retirement.  At 71 years of age and allegedly the 7th richest man in the world, Bloomberg is well worth garnering respect even from the underpaid.  That’s how you retire, working smarter.  TECHNOLOGY IS EVERYTHING.

Thank you. TiA.


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