Gunnar Eyewear – Hype Or Reality?

Do Gunnars eyewear really help the eyes?

by Nikhil Rastogi, courtesy techtree
The Gunnars!!! “Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear designed to protect, enhance and optimize your vision”. “Snake oil…” shouted my Ed, “…there’s nothing such as this”. If you are as sceptical as my Editor, I wouldn’t blame you. After all, how can yellow tinted glasses help your eyes when staring at the screen? And why am I so interested in checking Gunnars out (other than for the sake of curiosity)?

Time for a little flashback… Back in 2003, when I was playing GTA:Vice City a little too much, my eye doctor highly recommended glare reducing spectacles for me, this, in spite of having 20/20 vision. From then till now, I’ve always worn glasses when sitting in front of the computer to reduce eye-strain. Therefore I was keenly interested in trying out this ‘off-the-shelf’ solution than the ones I get made through the local shop next to my house. div.ex { width:px; padding:10px; border:1px solid green; margin:0px; background-color:#D6FF97 }

Gunnar Optiks is named after the co-founder Jenny Michelsen’s son. The name Gunnar is of Nordic origin meaning fighter, soldier, and attacker, but mostly is referred to by the Viking saying which means Brave and Bold warrior (gunnr “war” and arr “warrior”) (Source wikipedia)

But Which Gunnar?Gunnars comes in two flavours, the Amber tinted and the Clear (Crystalline) no-tints edition marketed as “Gunnars Advanced Gaming Eyewear” and “Gunnars Advanced Computer Eyewear” respectively. The difference, as Gunnar markets it, is that the yellow tint helps in “improving visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery while combating eye fatigue during extended hours of gaming”. This is not to say the plain whites don’t do anything. More on that later.

But Why Yellow/Amber?Using Yellow tints in glasses is nothing new. Professionals such as marksmen, hunters, drivers, skiers/snowboarders, pilots and bikers are known to use them to enhance vision by increasing contrast. Of course, this will not turn you into a pro-gamer just by wearing these, but will certainly assist you in spotting your next head shot.

No, this not a dumb blonde, she is Julie Goloski professional markswoman, competition shooter, and national/world champion

Below is a typical example of cheesy 80’s American commercial which is snake oil at its best and pretty (unintentionally) funny too.

Don’t Frame MeAll the glasses that you see at website such as Rocket-Onyx, MLG Legend – Olive, Wi-Five – Espresso, etc are nothing but different frames and styling. They all hold the same tinted or non-tinted glasses having the same health benefits across the line-up. Some as you may notice have basic frames to cooler styling with wider field-of-view such as Halogen – Onyx. –

See more at:

Thank you, TiA


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