The BOX that ROX: Kickstarter Campaign ( we like)

The ExtrusionBot is the worlds fastest home built automatic filament extrusion Bot that can make color in ABS and PLA @ up to 4ft / minbd74eeca2b169ad5ab3cd9bf70513300_large[1]

3D Printing

You know what it is, you know you want to do it, and you know you don’t want to spend a ton of your hard earned cash on filament.  This is where we come in. The ExtrusionBot is not just another extruder.  It is the fastest home built extruder in the word today.  What this means to you is instead of a  spool taking +/- 24 hours to make you can do it in about 1 hour. Yes you heard that right, currently we are consistently producing 3 foot per min.

Yes 3 ft. +/- per minute of ABS, PLA at 3mm and 1.75mm with tolerances better than +/- 0.10mm.

Why ExtrusionBot?

What other machines do in a day, we do in  an hour…

  • ExtrusionBot gives you the speed to produce the quantity of filament with out the wait.
  • ExtrusionBot has the smallest foot print on the market. Only 7in x 10in. Save desk space put it right beside you 3D printer .
  • The ExtrusionBot has built in spooling. No need to buy anything else, or spend time spooling the tangled mess on your floor.
  • Speed without sacrificing quality. Currently tolerances better than +/-0.10mm. We run our filament though our own 3d printers.
  • 3mm or 1.75m or anything in between, you choose.  Very simple nozzle change out.
  • You are not limited with ExtrusionBot on the type of filament you make! ABS, PLA and we are currently testing other types.

The ExtrusionBot is an easy to use consumer extruder engineered for the everyday user.

You can buy it fully assembled and ready to use, or in kit form and have fun putting it together.

Why Kickstarter:

Also See:

We are launching on Kickstarter in order to raise funds to purchase all the parts in bulk. A significant discount is possible for a bulk purchase, and in doing so can help pass the savings on to you, the consumer.


Meet our backer’s delivery expectations:

How will we do this?

Manufacturing process is defined, set up, and in place:

We have spent a lot of time developing our ExtrusionBot.

We are confident in our design.

Due to the feedback from our third party testers we have overcome issues that others have been hampered by.

We also have the equipment in our shop to facilitate the building of units.

We have already sourced the parts and verified availability.

We have outside vendors approved and ready for powder coating and forming the enclosures.

Our team is on hand and trained to handle a large volume of units in a short time due to the kickstarter campaign.

I have designed the ExtrusionBot so that there are no special, or injected molded parts to reduce any delays or lag time.

(IE) we are not single sourced, and will not be waiting for a vendor to deliver

This = no delays sending out backers rewards.

What does this mean to you, our supporters in this campaign?

First of all you can be assured that we have worked through the process; we know how to do what we are committing to.

We have a detailed project plan in place that shows all of the steps mapped out through completion.

Because we have mapped out the whole project in detail it has shown us issues and potential room for enhancement.

Here is a high level plan showing the Design, crowd funding and delivering our supporter’s rewards. (Not our full detailed plan)
Here is a high level plan showing the Design, crowd funding and delivering our supporter’s rewards. (Not our full detailed plan)
Lot's of COLOR options!!
Lot’s of COLOR options!!
Pellet hopper is removeable, allowing larger sizes if needed.
Pellet hopper is removeable, allowing larger sizes if needed.
Loading and unloading a spool is easy.
Loading and unloading a spool is easy.
One of the extrusionBot prototypes.
One of the extrusionBot prototypes.
Another view.
Another view.
Black powder coated unit.
Black powder coated unit.
The ExtrusionBot has the smallest foot print.
The ExtrusionBot has the smallest foot print.


Extrusion Rate:  24-36 inches/minute Extrusion Temperature: Tested with 170-280°C Size: 7”x10″x19′ Noise: 45dBA @ 3ft Power: 120-VAC, 50/60Hz, 100 watts peak, 50 watts average Entire assembly is grounded for safety, and fused.

Stretch Goals

ExtrusionBot Kickstarter Stretch Goal for $50,000

ExtrusionBot will be offering both a 3mm and a 1.75mm nozzle!!

This stretch goal was based on feedback from you guys asking to be able to purchase the extra nozzles. When we reach our stretch goal all of the kits and assembled units will come with both nozzles…..

Now you can make 3mm and 1.75mm for your self in ABS and PLA!

Thanks all for your help getting us this far, none of this would be possible without your help, so THANK YOU!

As for our next stretch goals, stay tuned! Tell us what you would like to see also.

Thank you, TiA


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