The Elon Musk Hyperloop is the future (Video)

by A.M. Wattshyperloop fast train

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, it is reasonably safe to believe that Elon Musk’s unveiling of a Jetson-esque transportation system called Hyperloop will become a viable alternative to travel-time management.

Yesterday, Tesla’s CEO suggested that on August 12, 2013  he’ll make the official announcement about Hyperloop, alleged to be a faster than ever train with  speeds at least “three to four times faster … than the bullet train.”

If all goes well, Hyperloops first route will take commuters from downtown San Francisco to Downtown Los Angeles in thirty minutes, through an underground tube, perhaps.

For non-Califonians, the Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit ‘The Californians’ puts west coast traffic issues into perspective.  Traveling west on the ten freeway from downtown L.A. to the Santa Monica freeway to then take highway one to Malibu,  could take longer than it looks on a map if you are in rush hour congestion or witnessing a police chase in any direction on the 4-0-5 or the 1-0-1 (Hollywood or Ventura).  Any number of events affects the mix-merging of California’s highways.

Essentially, Elon wants to merge two of the greatest global cities in the world.  Going beyond the trains speed considering the land between the cities, contextually understanding the impact of  future travel, city planning and commerce is the only way to look at this venture.  He’s a futurist.

In the words of Mr. Musk, Hyperloop is a “cross between a Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table,”  which is a necessary combination to traverse the boulevards, highways, and passes in the L.A. area.  While, nothern California’s B.A.R.T. is one of the best modes of timely commuting in that region of the state.

Keep in mind, Mr. Musk and his company SpaceX built a rocketship.

Now it’s time to pay it forward.  Mr. Musk seeks help considering the 350-mile passenger train, 6 billion dollar is a revolutionary transportation mode for earth travel, and isn’t shy about asking in stating, “critical feedback for improvements would be much appreciated.”   

We welcome your comments!

Thank you, TiA


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