Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One launch game because Xbox 360 couldn’t handle it

There are a number of Xbox One launch day games that have captured our attention. One of those is the latest entry in the Dead Rising series–Dead Rising 3.The third Rising game is interesting not only because nobody minds a new entry in the series, but because it has been in development for such a long time. It turns out that’s because Dead Rising 3 wasn’t actually meant to be a next-gen game.The game is being developed at Capcom Vancouver, with all work being carried out on a PC development environment. But what the team discovered was their scope for the game didn’t fit with the ageing Xbox 360 hardware. It simply couldn’t handle the size and detail Capcom wanted in the game.With a choice between scaling things back or moving to a next-gen platform, Capcom Vancouver chose the latter and shifted its focus to Xbox One. What that means is we will get to enjoy much larger environments, a lot more zombies running around, and the removal of loading zones. For Microsoft it also means they are getting a solid launch title that has had a lot of extra time spent on it because of this platform shift. It also means another title supporting Kinect and SmartGlass.

If you’re wondering just how big Dead Rising 3 is set to be compared to previous games, Capcom claims Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 environments would fit into Dead Rising 3 many times over. We look forward to finding out just how big it is come November when the console and game launches.

Thank you, TiA


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