Head Start: College Kid Gets Prison For Rigging Student President Election

from the get-’em-while-they’re-young dept —

courtesy techdirt —

We’ve covered mishaps with regard to e-voting in elections for quite a while now, but you may have noticed that these stories tend to revolve around the big leagues of politics. E-votes to hotmail accounts in national elections, experimental patches being applied to voting machines in Ohio, and Irish voting machines so horrifically flawed that they ended up being sold for less money than required to buy a pint of Guinness are all to do with, shall we say, professional politicians. And just as with the sporting world, the college ranks of amateur politicos are left untainted by this sort of malfunction, drama, and cheating. Matthew_Weaver-thumb-170x208[1]
Actually, just like in the sporting world, the college ranks can be every bit as dirty, as shown by the story of how one former college student will get jail-time for rigging his school’s elections for President of student government.

Matthew Weaver, 22, of Huntington Beach, Calif., stole almost 750 students’ identities to try and become president of the San Diego County college’s student government. His plan went awry when the school’s computer technicians noticed an anomaly in activity and caught Weaver with keystroke loggers as he sat in front of the suspicious computer.

Yes, the aspiring politician did what we all kind of assume professional politicians do: played dirty. In what was apparently a months-long plot to get something like $30k in stipends, Weaver bought keylogging software and installed it on university computers to get student credentials and vote for himself. His plan was to win Student President and then appoint a bunch of his frat brothers into roles to keep the stipends rolling in. You know, like pretty much all politicians do. And, to keep the parallel going, Weaver made matters worse by trying to cover up his fraudulent behavior by creating fake Facebook accounts for his stolen identities and then make it look like they were all supporting his campaign and alluding to a frame-job when the university began its investigation.

“He’s on fire for this crime, and then he pours gasoline on it to try to cover it up,” the judge reportedly said during Monday’s sentencing hearing.

When that bit of trickery failed, Weaver, as pro-politicians eventually do, admitted his guilt in court, got a year in prison, and the elections were voided and will be reheld. In the meantime, SDC College will be without anyone in its senior student political office, just for a bit of fraud and asshattery. I can only assume that after he’s released from jail, he’ll announce his candidacy for Governor of Illinois.


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