SUCCESS: Your Prerogative (video)

Are There Laws To Success?

by Ms Cryss,  courtesy  iamtopflight —

success-process[1]Success process

Visualize where you want to see yourself (successful, rich, prominent or otherwise), write it down and complete the following steps.

There are old concepts that have been written over history that concedes what it takes to be successful. In recent times, people have called it the “secret” and in biblical principles it’s called “faith”, but Napolean calls it science.

After years of research, Hill drafted the “The Laws of Success”, which is a detailed, 500-plus page outline on how to get exactly what you want out of life. The laws are then applied to your “definite chief aim”, which is a basic mission statement for your life that echoes your purpose.

Below is the image of the late Bruce Lee’s “definite chief aim”, where he clearly states his purpose and goals, before his untimely death in 1973:


Bruce Lee

Definite Chief Aim | Bruce Lee


Although Lee died before 1980, his goal of becoming America’s first highest paid Oriental actor came into fruition.  If you possess the desire to be the author of your own fate, follow these steps and put Hill’s theory to the test!

1. First you need to figure out your “Definite Chief Aim”. Think about what you really want to do in life. Is it being a teacher, parent, philanthropist, actor…or otherwise? Take a few moments of seclusion and self-analyze what makes you happy. Think about how you want to make a living and what you need to do achieve that goal.

  1. Write it down. After you have figured out your purpose, take out a clean piece of paper and a good flowing pen! Write down your “definite chief aim” and make sure it’s dated. This will help you to remember the first day of your future and the last day of your past!
  2. Sign your statement! Make it official. Take what you wrote seriously, just as serious as you would take any legal document and write your signature on the document.
  3. Place your new written purpose where you can see it daily. This will allow for the idea of attraction to take place! This will be your daily reminder that you are purpose driven!
  4. Read it aloud to yourself at least every 24 hours (or more). This will help your mind absorb that purpose, visualize it and over time, produce the behaviors that which results in the fruition of that goal!

NOTE: Hill states that this process is intended to be done on a consistent basis. He notes that it will not work if only done, every so often. This would require some restructuring and discipline…by the way…which is something you already have, if you believe so!

Thank you, TiA


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