Google’s $35 Chromecast lets you beam video from ‘any device’ to your TV

by Tom Cheredar, courtesy VentureBeat —
google chrome-cast

Google just debuted a new streaming media stick called Chromecast that will  allow your television to mirror what’s happening on your smartphone.

In other words, it’s basically providing Apple TV’s Airplay-like functionality for both Android and  iOS mobile devices. Google first showed off the functionality of Chromecast with  YouTube, which not only pushes videos you’re watching to your TV screen, but  also automatically changes to the correct input. (The demo video made it look  like a pretty seamless process that will make you wonder how you ever managed to  kill 15 minutes watching YouTube videos while sitting on the couch in front of  your television.)

Obviously this is a nice perk for video usage, but it also allows you to  stream music and push media from individual tabs via Google Chrome web browser  on laptops. The company said most Macs and Windows 8-ready laptops should be  compatible with the Chromecast functionality.

Oh, and instead of charging $50 – $100 like the cheapest Roku model or  Apple’s Apple TV, Chromecast is only $35. That’s insanely cheap for what it  does. The device should be available by July 28 through a variety of online  stores, including Amazon, Google Play, and others. Google is also offering a  free month of Netflix service to anyone who buys a Chromecast, too.

This definitely answers some questions about why Google has been relatively  silent about new developments on its Google TV platform. It also pretty much  guarantees Google has no intention of ever selling the $300 TRON bowling ball  that was the Nexus Q, which debuted last year at Google’s developer event.

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