Social Sharing Behavior Said More Prevalent on Mobiles Than Desktops

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Consumers are more social on mobile devices than on desktops, declares ShareThis, as the result of its new study comparing 4.9 billion social signals on the desktop web against 1.2 billion signals on the mobile web. The data, aggregated from the 2.3 million sites in the ShareThis network (which reached 87% of online Americans in June), indicates that sharing propensity is almost twice as high among mobile users than desktop users.   ShareThis-Social-Sharing-Propensity-by-Device-July2013-300x163[1]

     What does that mean? Looking at various devices, the study finds that sharing accounted for 7.7% of activity among mobile users on the ShareThis network, compared to 4.4% among desktop users. Broken down by device, the iPhone leads (12.4%), followed by Android (7.4%) and BlackBerry (6.3%). Interestingly, sharing propensity on the iPad (3.4%) trails both Macs (5%) and PCs (3.9%).


Facebook is the dominant force on desktops and mobile devices, accounting for 56.5% and 60.3% of sharing, respectively. (Gigya recently found Facebook to be the top social sharing destination.)

After Facebook, there were some significant differences when sorting by mobile and desktop sharing preferences. Email accounted for almost 10% of sharing on desktops, but was almost non-existent on mobiles. Conversely, Twitter was  more influential on mobiles (13.6%) than desktops (6%), as was Pinterest (18.9% vs. 5%).

Among iOS devices, Facebook represented about two-thirds of sharing on iPhones, but only 17% on iPads. The big result here was Pinterest, accounting for a massive 48.2% of sharing on iPads, compared to 14.2% on iPhones.

The study also found iPhone users more likely to share arts and entertainment, tech, and government content, while iPad users were more likely to share content categories such as food, fashion and beauty, house and garden, and health and fitness.

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