A Self-Righteous Hacker Claims To Have Accessed BitTorrent’s Internal Network

image courtesy Rocky X via Flickr

image courtesy Rocky X via Flickr

by Dylan Love, courtesy BusinessInsider –

A forum administrator going by the name “MentaL” on gaming site RageZone claims to have gained access to BitTorrent’s internal network.

In the forum post describing his exploit, the user says he “was  able push public builds on all data such as uTorrent and more. I had  master keys to everything, including DNS level  material…Once I sat down [and] reviewed what was on my screen I  concluded it was in the best interest to notify the company  immediately.”

uTorrent is a BitTorrent client owned and operated by the company itself.  This was obviously a sensitive vulnerability, so MentaL notified the company and  was offered a $500 check as a reward. He accepted, but when it didn’t show up in  a timely manner, he got peeved:

bt-certified-logo-purple[1]“A [different] hacker recently found a bug in which he was able  to reset passwords and got £20,000 reward, me? I got the entire source of ALL  products / webpages / DNS / financial documents and more  and in the end they offered me $500. I felt insulted…They make millions  a year in ad revenue alone and I never released, tweaked, sent fake builds or  nothing out to any user and I feel insulted.”

MentaL goes on to post screenshots of the data he was able  to access as proof. This strikes  us as pretty self-righteous.

BitTorrent did not immediately respond to a request for  comment.

Thank you, TiA


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