Antoher Opportunity To Get Your HARDWARE to Market

by Chritty Watts –

By popular demand, Hardware is becoming popular again, and Mattermark has compiled a list of companies worth noticing. –

mattermark-square-blank[1]According to Mattermark’s website, it offers a “range of operational experiences to measure the signals of growth that matter most. We track the progress of the world’s most promising startups to help investors find deals faster and make better decisions… .”

It is safe to say that if your startup remains in the “self-funded” category Mattermark might assist in your getting exposure to an Angel Investor or VC – waiting for you.  In addition to getting exposure, the company’s site offers  Deal Pipeline Tracking; Custom Startup Watch LIsts; VC & Angel Portfolio Overviews; and Accelerator Program Tracking.  More detailed information available at  Mattermark.

A list is provided of their Top 10 Hardware Startups stats, a good measure of what’s popular, partially and the funded – see how you measure up to these companies.


Keyless home lock controlled by your mobile phone Average Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 9%, Links ▲  84%, Twitter ▲ 3%, Facebook ▲ 1% Current  Funding: Announced a $2 million angel round in May 2013


Dog activity monitor for the quantified pet Average  Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 22%, Links ▲ 10%,  Twitter ▲ 3%, Facebook ▲ 2% Current Funding: Raised  $6 million first round in June 2013 from DCM, Red Swan, and Gunderson  Dettmer

Recon Instruments

Displays for sports enthusiasts Average Weekly  Growth: Traffic ▲ 59%, Links ▲ 5%, Twitter ▲ 1%,  Facebook ▲ 1% Current Funding: raised $10M Series A in early  2012 from Vanedge Capital and Kopin Corporation


Home thermostat that learns your temperature preferences Average Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 3%, Links ▲ 4%, Twitter ▲  3%, Facebook ▲ 4% Current Funding: raised $80M Series B in early  2013 from Google Ventures and Venrock


Medical tricorder, a personal physical exam scanner Average Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 23%, Links ▲  2%, Twitter ▲ 1%, Facebook ▲ 3% Current Funding: raised $1.6M on  IndieGogo in June 2013


Making everything on your home programmable Average  Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 6%, Links ▲ 2%, Twitter ▲ 2%,  Facebook ▲ 1% Current Funding: raised $3M seed round in December  2012 from several angel investors


Video monitoring platform for the consumer market Average  Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 6%, Links ▲ 1%, Twitter ▲ 4%,  Facebook ▲ 4% Current Funding: raised $12M Series B in June 2012  from Menlo Ventures, Accel and Bay Partners


Heroku for hardware, platform for wifi connected devices Average Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 28%, Links ▲ 16%, Twitter ▲  2%, Facebook ▲ 0% Current Funding: raised over $500,000 on  Kickstarter in June 2013

Thalmic Labs

Wirelessly control devices with the MYO armband Average  Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 5%, Links ▲ -3%, Facebook ▲ 5% Current Funding: raised $14.5M Series A in June 2013 from Spark Capital and  Intel Capital

Incident Technologies

Creators of gTar, the app-enabled smart guitar Average  Weekly Growth: Traffic ▲ 6%, Links ▲ 17%, Twitter ▲ 2%,  Facebook ▲ 1% Current Funding: raised $745K seed round in November  2011 from several angel investors

Thank you, TiA


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