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One thing that I rarely or never talk about on is social gaming, why, not really sure I know a lot of people enjoy them.

So when I was recently contacted by new indie studio Blot Interactive the makers of Chat Fu letting us know that Chat Fu has entered open beta , I decided this would be a great time to see what this was all about.

What is Chat Fu?


Chat Fu is the combining of Facebook chat with kung-fu, sounds interesting enough.

Chat Fu turns Facebook itself into a game of social deception. One player tries to trick their friend into saying a certain word. The other player doesn’t even know they’re playing a game – but if they say the word, they lose! This all happens in fun arena combat, featuring awesome accessories and a cast of over 20 fighters.

The great thing about Chat Fu is you can make the game as complex or easy as you want, by choosing a word that would be very near or next to impossible to have you friend say.


Chat Fu Developers Interview

Would you please tell us a little bit about yourself? (Name, Position, why you’re making a game?)

I’m Alex Hayter, Marketing & PR Manager at Blot Interactive. Chat Fu is Blot’s first game. We’re making it because our goal is to build really innovative games for people who don’t know they’re gamers yet.. which we think is absolutely everyone. In terms of everything we design, Blot always wants to create something unique that people feel like they’ve never played before. Chat Fu is really interesting as a game because to be good at it, you need good social skills – you’ve got to be really clever to win a round. It’s not a game about twitch skills, like in shooting or driving games. It’s about deceiving your friends – in a fun way – so it’s really about understanding the flow of conversations and bending them to your will.

How did this game get started?

Chat Fu’s initial inspiration was board games like Taboo (which is about describing a word to a friend, without mentioning certain “trap” words) as well as social video games like Draw Something. This idea of playing a game against a person while also working with them in a weird kind of team was fascinating to us, and really fun. We didn’t start out looking to make a Facebook game specifically; just something that felt fresh and new. Due to the unique qualities of Facebook – having lots of friends, a built-in chat mechanism – it was clearly the perfect environment for Chat Fu’s game mechanic. In fact, it wouldn’t really work on another platform.

When and where was game studio formed?

Blot Interactive was founded in Toronto in 2012. Chat Fu is our first game, and should hopefully be the start of a fantastic string of games from our little studio.

How long has Chat Fu been in development?

Chat Fu began development last November – so it’s been an incredibly quick turnaround thanks to the talents of our team! Around eight months in total, including testing, marketing, you name it.

What programming language, tools, and software did you using to make Chat Fu?

The game is primarily built in Unity, which was a great engine to make a web-based 3D game. We used C#, php and Java. Also used Gimp for image stuff and Blender for 3D.

Do you have any advice for people planning to make an Indie Game?

Make something new! There’s enough clones in the world of games out there, and audiences are eager for fresh and exciting experiences. It’s always more interesting to shock and surprise people than to give them something they’ve already got. Plus, of course, try to finish your first game from start to finish – no matter how rough it might end up, it’ll be a great learning experience for you. Game jams are a really friendly environment for this kind of education and experimentation, and most major cities host at least one kind of annual jam – it’s a fantastic way to both hone your skills and meet like-minded game creators to bounce your ideas off of.

What’s next for Blot Interactive?

We’re eagerly working on a whole bunch of new ideas for games on both current and next-gen platforms. Our team of game designers, artists and coders has worked on all sorts of titles for various platforms, so the sky’s the limit – we’re not necessarily sticking with just Facebook games, for example. Keep your eye on this spot in the near future. Our website’s and we keep a regularly updated blog. In the meantime, enjoy Chat Fu!

So there you have it another indie team making a foothold in the gaming world. A we always say please support the little guys! The game is free to play all you need is a Facebook account so you don’t have to worry anything just have fun.

Chat Fu Links:

Play Chat Fu:

Thank you, TiA


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