Is Bitcoin a currency? One Switch reader says no.

by Brian, courtesy WashingtonPost – Internet comments are often somewhat Hobbesian: nasty, brutish and short. So every week we make a point of highlighting some of the more thoughtful and reasoned … Continue reading

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Bitcoin lobbyists meet US authorities amid growing focus on digital currency

Bitcoin Foundation says meeting was set up to ‘help regulators and policymakers better understand the Bitcoin protocol’ by Domini Rushe, courtesy TheGuradian Representatives of Bitcoin’s largest lobby group met federal law enforcement … Continue reading

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Bitcoin’s Washington problem

courtesy Politico – On paper, the popular virtual currency Bitcoin is the type of entity that traditionally would hire a powerful K Street lobbying firm to protect its interests in … Continue reading

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New York Launches Bitcoin Inquiry

by A.M. Watts – Suddenly, the internets virtual currency Bitcoin is as popular as The Real Housewives catfighting,  pervasive and on everyone’s radar, due to the nature of the “coin” and increased … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Ticker Available On Bloomberg Terminal For Employees

by Roman Dillett, courtesy TechCrunch – Bitcoin is now officially mainstream. According to BTC Geek, Bloomberg terminal users can now look up Bitcoin’s pricing history. Data comes from ubiquitous Bitcoin exchange service … Continue reading

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Federal judge: Bitcoin, “a currency,” can be regulated under American law

Bitcoin Savings and Trust’s founder has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme. by Cyrus Farivar, courtesy ArsTechnica – In the case of a Texas man accused of massive Bitcoin-based fraud, a federal judge … Continue reading

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Bitcoin: Tax Evasion Currency

Robert W. Wood, courtesy FORBES – In IRS Takes A Bite Out Of Bitcoin, I said that Bitcoin doesn’t obviate taxes. Dissenters argued that the anonymity of the upstart digital currency is … Continue reading

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With the growing popularity of Bitcoin virtual currency, the infographic is provided as an educational source to perhaps help. For additional information see, there you will find additional answers. Thank you, TiA … Continue reading

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SEC Says Man Fittingly Named ‘The Pirate’ Ran Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

by Robert McMillan, courtesy wired — In retrospect, the tagline on his Bitcoin Forum profile should have been a giveaway: The icon was a peg-legged pirate skeleton with a parrot on … Continue reading

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Newlyweds Will Live Only On Bitcoin For Three Months, Starting This Week

by Kashmir Hill, courtesy Forbes — Like so many couples who tied the knot this July, Austin Craig, 30, and Beccy Bingham Craig, 29, went on a tropical honeymoon after … Continue reading

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BITCOIN: Tracking virtual currency

Bitcoin is a beautifully transparent market.  All transactions are in the public domain.  So last night I put together a chart of the USD market price of Bitcoins vs. “Days Destroyed” … Continue reading

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Winklevoss Twins File for $20M Bitcoin Public Offering

by Robert McMillan, courtesy wired A screenshot of the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust S-1 prospectus Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss say they’ve sewn up about 1 percent of the world’s Bitcoins, and … Continue reading

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We take a Butterfly Labs Bitcoin miner, plug it in, and make it (virtually) rain.

We take a Butterfly Labs Bitcoin miner, plug it in, and make it (virtually) rain. by Lee Hutchison, courtesy ArsTechnica This is the second in a two-part series exploring Butterfly Labs … Continue reading

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BITCOIN: Technology Is Reinventing Finance

Why Bitcoin is on the money Digital currencies are a threat to current financial systems, say Alec Ross and Jonathan Luff, courtesy TheTelegraph Around the world, governments everywhere are trying … Continue reading

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How to Help Pay for Snowden’s Getaway Without Being Caught? Bitcoins.

by Winston RossJun 25, 2013 4:45 AM EDT, courtesy TheDailyBeast It’s a virtual currency that can be tough to trace. No wonder bitcoin donations to WikiLeaks have spiked since Julian Assange said he’s … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Foundation Receives Cease And Desist Order From California

by John Matonis, courtesy [Disclosure: Author serves on Board of Directors for Bitcoin Foundation.] The Bitcoin Foundation is a nonprofit corporation registered in Washington, D.C. with mailing address in Seattle, … Continue reading

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New Way To Sell Digital Music? Bitcoins Increase In Legitimacy And Rise In Value

New Way To Sell Digital Music? Bitcoins Increase In Legitimacy And Rise In Value When I first wrote about Bitcoin over a year ago and suggested musicians check out digital music … Continue reading

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Online anonymity is holding back Bitcoin

courtesy Mark Courtney of GBGroup & As the ongoing economic uncertainty has continued to cause global currencies to fluctuate, consumers and investors alike are increasingly looking for alternative options. As … Continue reading

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Bitcoin isn’t PRISM-proof

If you’re looking for an untraceable e-commerce platform to avoid NSA snooping, Bitcoin probably isn’t going to suffice. by Colin Neagle (courtesy Network World) Network World – In the aftermath … Continue reading

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Bitfash is the Fashion E-Store for Shoppers With Bitcoins in Their Pockets

Despite all the hype that Bitcoin is some magical new non-governmental global currency of the future, not many people are really, actively using it – and there are even fewer … Continue reading

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Could Bitcoin Go Legit?

Bitcoin by Maxim Lott (courtesy Foxnews.) The online-only currency known as “bitcoin” is a hit — one currently trades for about $130 U.S. dollars. But regulators are less excited, fearing money … Continue reading

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Bitcoin more powerful than fastest supercomputers

by Stacy Cowley (courtesy CNNMONEY) How big is Bitcoin? The power of all the computers networked together to maintain the digital currency’s system far exceeds the combined processing strength of … Continue reading

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Bitcoin ATMs: Handy Vending Machines or Money-Laundering Nightmares?

by Robert McMillan (courtesy wired) Mark Russell has built a Bitcoin ATM. Photo: Robert McMillan / Wired The Robocoin is an ATM for Bitcoins, and for a few glorious days this past weekend, … Continue reading

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With $1.5M Led By Winklevoss Capital, BitInstant Aims To Be The Go-To

Site To Buy And Sell Bitcoins by Colleen Taylor (courtesy techcrunch) Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twin Harvard graduates who famously sparred with Mark Zuckerberg over the founding of Facebook … Continue reading

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Google Ventures invests in OpenCoin, the firm behind Bitcoin exchange Ripple

by David Meyer (courtesy gigaom) Summary: Ripple is a distributed exchange that can be used for Bitcoin and other currencies, too. Google Ventures and IDG’s investment is the latest in … Continue reading

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