Enterprise Flash Arrays Pack in More Storage with Denser Media

Sub-20nm flash can hold more data in the same space but challenges loom for next generations by Stephen Lawson, courtesy IDG News – IDG News Service (San Francisco Bureau) — … Continue reading

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NAND flash sales — and prices — surge

Sales grow by 30% in year ended June 30; Samsung still leads, followed by Toshiba and SK Hynix – by Lucas Mearian courtesy Computerworld – Sales of NAND flash technology rose … Continue reading

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State dumping IBM after IT project runs 42 months late, $60 million over budget

by Chris Kanaracus, IDG – The state of Pennsylvania will not renew its services contract with IBM regarding the development of a modernized unemployment compensation system, after the project reportedly has … Continue reading

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Indian IT firm accused of discrimination against “stupid Americans”

Infosys favored Asians in hiring, alleges suit seeking class action status. by Jon Brodkin, courtesy ArsTechnica – Infosys, an Indian IT software and services company with offices throughout the world, has been … Continue reading

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AMD is ‘transforming’, will be profitable this quarter, says CEO Read

PC market stagnant, so expansion into ‘high-growth markets’ will save the day by Rik Myslewski in San Francisco, courtesy TheRegister — AMD has entered phase two of its “restructure, accelerate, and … Continue reading

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Michael Dell, Silver Lake Said to Rule Out Raising Offer

By Serena Saitto – courtesy Bloomberg Jul 6, 2013 12:01 AM ET. Dell, Silver Lake Said to Rule Out Raising Offer Michael Dell and Silver Lake Management LLC won’t sweeten … Continue reading

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Strong ARM Tactics

Meet the most important tech company you’ve probably never heard of. by Farhad Manjoo, courtesy Never trust gadget-makers’ claims about battery life. They usually employ weasel words (a machine that … Continue reading

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Nvidia’s graphics licensing strategy needs more than just Kepler

by Lawrence Latif, courtesy                     CHIP DESIGNER Nvidia’s decision to license its Kepler GPU architecture to other companies is remarkable, given the firm’s historical stance on licensing, and it … Continue reading

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Apple is planning a solar panel farm for its data center in Reno

Apple is planning a solar panel farm for its data center in Reno By Katie Fehrenbacher, courtesy gigaom   Summary:Adding to Apple’s clean power plans for its data centers, Apple … Continue reading

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FCC approves rules for AWS-2 spectrum, prepares for auction

by Neal Gompa, courtesy extremetech   Last week, the FCC completed the process in determining the rules for a new block of spectrum being set up for auction. The AWS-2 (or … Continue reading

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Google’s Quantum Computer Proven To Be Real Thing (Almost …)

by Cade Metz, courtesy Google bought one. So did Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s largest defense contractors. But we still can’t agree on what it is they bought. … Continue reading

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Cisco’s internet of things vision is about services and gear

Summary: Cisco keeps calling the internet of things the Internet of Everything, because it has decided to put a big focus on the business processes that will help companies take … Continue reading

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A New Twist That Could Speed the Internet

by Evan Applegate, courtesy BusinessWeek What strands of copper were to the 19th century, strands of glass are to the 21st. Since their introduction in the 1980s, fiber-optic cables have … Continue reading

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Cisco Live: Breaking down Cisco’s new data center strategy

What will change as Cisco expands it data center strategy? By Zeus Kerravala, courtesy NetworkWorld Day 1 of Cisco Live was all about the branch and campus with the release … Continue reading

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Hands-on with exFAT, which blows past the FAT32 4GB file size limit.

by David Girard, courtesy ArsTechnica With Apple’s licensing of Microsoft’s exFAT file system, it seems like we finally have a good option for OS X and Windows disk swapping. Dave Girard … Continue reading

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Great Photoset! The Large Hadron Collider in pictures: using big technology to investigate tiny things

Proton beams, cryogenics, superconductors, and massive underground labs — welcome to CERN! by Vlad Savov, courtesy theVerge 12 inShare Jump To up Top Comments downClose . “You’re pushing the Higgs … Continue reading

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Carl Icahn’s Low Offer Arrived…Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners Play back. What About The Shareholders?

Dell Committee Slams Icahn’s Latest Offer, Saying It Falls Short by Arik Hesseldahl, courtesy AllThingsD The special committee of Dell’s board of directors overseeing its go-private process fired back at activist … Continue reading

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revu: Solid Performance in the No Spin Zone: We Put 4 External SSDs to

Reviewed by Michael S. Lasky  (courtesy We’ve taken a look at four options for external solid-state drives — specifically, large-capacity storage devices ranging from 120GB to 300GB that mount … Continue reading

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Whoops! How AMD (inadvertently) prepared Intel to crush cable companies

by Rob Enderle,  (courtesy digitalTrends) There is a battle going on for your living room. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Netflix, Hulu,  and Amazon are battling U.S. cable companies, who want … Continue reading

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HP’s Fix-and-Rebuild Process Is Progressing but Not Complete, CEO Whitman Says

by Arik Hesseldahl (courtesy AllThingsD) What a difference a year makes. Last June, the technology giant Hewlett-Packard convened its annual HP Discover event in Las Vegas with a new CEO, Meg Whitman, … Continue reading

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Amazon embraces the future with its own 3D printing section

by Ricardo Bilton (courtesy VentureBeat)   Amazon is pushing 3D printing a little bit further into the  mainstream. The  company has launched its own dedicated section to the technology on its  … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Doesn’t Just Help the Surveillance State–It Built It

More than a decade ago, CIA Director Michael Hayden began enlisting the private sector to build the NSA’s data ops. Michael Hirsh (courtesy TheAtlantic/TechInAmerica) Sarah Conard/Reuters     Some of America’s biggest … Continue reading

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SaltStack aims to simplify devops work with Python configuration management

by Jordan Novet (courtesy GigaOm)   Summary:SaltStack is challenging popular devops tools Puppet and Chef with Python-based configuration management service. The company cites speed as an advantage, and that’s critical for … Continue reading

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Facebook’s New Colocation And Image Recognition Patents Tease The Future Of Sharing

by Josh Constine (courtesy TechCrunch) Facebook’s empire was built on photo tags and sharing, but it’s a grueling process many neglect. Luckily, new Facebook patents give it tech to continuously capture video … Continue reading

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Is Your Enterprise Software Company Ready To Sell?

by Ted Summe (courtesyTechCrunch) Editor’s note: Ted Summe is the founder of Discoverly, an enterprise tool that puts social data to work. Earlier in his career, he worked with enterprise software … Continue reading

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AMD breaks from Windows exclusivity, adopts Android and Chrome OS

AMD adds OS flexibility as it expands its custom-chip business and tries to expand into the tablet market by Agam Shah (courtesy IDG News Service) After years of Windows OS … Continue reading

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3 more cloud computing myths dispelled

Security, portability, and data mining are the three latest areas where IT falls out of touch with reality by David Linthicum (courtesy InfoWorld) Speaking season will be over this month. … Continue reading

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We love it! We hate it! Here’s what we want! Windows Red reconsidered

by Woody Leonhard (courtesy infoworld) If you like Windows 8, you’ll like — maybe even love — Windows 8.1 “Blue.” But if you’re a denizen of the old-fashioned Desktop world without … Continue reading

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How big data helps big cities

When troves of information are opened to programmers, problems get solved. Chris Gaylord (courtesy CSMonitor) By order of the White House, June 1 marks the first National Day of Civic Hacking. … Continue reading

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Twilio’s disappearing-hardware act gets it a huge $70M funding round

by Jolie O’Dell (courtesy VentureBeat) Seventy million dollars is a drop in the bucket compared to the enormous financial heft of the telecommunications industry. But in the world of startups, … Continue reading

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16-year-old apologizes for breaking Vine with epic Rickroll

By Francis Bea (courtesy techtrends) There’s a way around the six second limit in Vine that 16 year old Will Smidlein discovered. He published his discovery in style with one … Continue reading

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Firefox redesign: Mozilla said to be prepping a big browser overhaul

Firefox redesign will get a clean and clear layout, with plenty of rounded tabs. by Matthew Shaer (courtesy csmonitor)Mozilla is at work on a sweeping Firefox redesign. According to TechCrunch, which … Continue reading

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Are We at the Electric Car’s Tipping Point?

by Daniel Gross (courtesy dailybeast) Tesla’s making money, sales have doubled, and prices for plug-ins and hybrids are coming down in a big way. Is this the green market’s Model … Continue reading

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U.S. ITC Finds Apple Violates Samsung Patent, Issues Limited Import Ban On AT&T iPhone 4, 3GS And Some iPads

by Darrell Etherington (courtesy TechCrunch) Apple has been found to be in violation of a Samsung patent, which has resulted in a limited import ban on certain products, including the iPhone 4, … Continue reading

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This Domino’s Drone Strike Is Pizza Delivery’s Dystopian Future

by Andrew Liszewski  courtesy gizmodo Is this pizza-delivering drone from Dominos just a publicity stunt, or a tantalizing look at the future of food delivery? Because while the eight-bladed DomiCopter is … Continue reading

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AMD’s Kyoto: Kabini gives AMD the advantage over Intel in low-power servers… for now

John H. Hruska (courtesy extremetech) Ever since AMD launched its low-power Brazos architecture in 2011, there’s been chatter over whether or not we’d see a low-power server version of the … Continue reading

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GENIVI Alliance Teams with W3C to Accelerate Adoption of Web Technologies in the Automotive Industry

GENIVI Alliance Teams with W3C to Accelerate Adoption of Web Technologies in the Automotive Industry The GENIVI Alliance has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to bring its automotive expertise … Continue reading

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Oculus VR Mourns Loss of Co-Founder Struck and Killed During a Car Chase

by Ina Fried (courtesy WSJ) An early employee of virtual-reality company Oculus VR was identified Friday as the pedestrian struck and killed during a police chase in Southern California. Andrew … Continue reading

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EFF blasts proposed DRM features in HTML5

Watchdog group issues stinging rebuke to Web consortium by Jon Gold (courtesy Network World) Network World – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued an angry formal response to a … Continue reading

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Nvidia’s new $400 GeForce GTX 770 graphics card puts pressure on AMD

by Brad Chacos (courtesy PCMag) Last week, Nvidia announced the GeForce GTX 780, the successor to the former GTX 680 flagship. Cut from the same GK110 GPU cloth as the imposing Titan, the GTX 780 was … Continue reading

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Google Erects Fake Brain With … Graphics Chips?

  by Cade Metz (courtesy arstechnica)   Geoffrey Hinton (right), one of the machine-learning scientists hard at work on the Google Brain. Photo: University of Toronto Your brain is a collection … Continue reading

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We May All Be Driving Electric Cars In The Future, But That Future Is Really Far Away

by Ben Schiller (courtesy fastcoexist) Tesla’s success might be in the news, but it’s just a drop in the bucket of EV adoption. There is a long way to go, and … Continue reading

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Ubuntu’s number 1 bug is fixed: Microsoft is no longer the enemy

by David Meyer (courtesy gigaom) Summary: Nine years ago, the Linux distribution Ubuntu came out with the mission of challenging Windows’ status as the default preinstalled PC operating system. But, … Continue reading

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Going inside the machinery and machinations of working in science

You get a degree, you get an academic job. Then what?   by Chris Lee  (courtesy arstechnica) The author playing with his cool lab toys. Chris Lee This story was … Continue reading

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Facial-Recognition Technology Proves Its Mettle

by Anil Jain  Josh Klontz (courtesy Science Daily) In a study that evaluated some of the latest in automatic facial recognition technology, researchers at Michigan State University were able to … Continue reading

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In Robot Surgeons vs. Lawyers, a Win for the Machines

photograph by Todd Tankersley Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Surgical System by Justin Bachman Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), a maker of robotic instruments used in prostate operations, hysterectomies, and other surgeries, has … Continue reading

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Bell Labs doubles beams in fiber optic lines to reach 400Gbps on a global scale Alt

by Jon Fingas (courtesy engadget) [Image credit: JL Hopgood, Flickr]   It’s comparatively easy to run fiber optic lines at high speeds; it’s another matter to sustain that pace between continents. Alcatel-Lucent’s … Continue reading

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7 steps to securing Java

Warnings from Homeland Security should prompt security pros to harden enterprise nets against Java-based exploits by Susan Perschke (courtesy Network World) Java, the popular OS-independent platform and programming language, runs … Continue reading

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Kepler spacecraft’s breakdown changes NASA mission’s course

by Lisa M. Krieger (courtesy MercuryNews) Crippled in space, the Kepler spacecraft’s planet-hunting days are likely over. But its discoveries may be yet to come. Scientists have only begun to … Continue reading

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Cloud biz: NetSuite, Workday hurting Oracle, SAP

by Quentin Hardy (courtesy New York Times)If the Hatfields and McCoys lived in Silicon Valley, they’d be fighting with piles of cash and lines of software code instead of knives … Continue reading

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