WikiLeaks’ Teenage Benedict Arnold

by Ryan Gallagher, courtesy TheSlate – When he met Julian Assange for the first time, Sigurdur Thordarson admired the WikiLeaks founder’s attitude and quickly signed up to the cause. But little more than a year … Continue reading

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Hannah Smith’s sister Jo now being targeted by cyberbullies, says father

courtesy TheGuardian – Older sister of teenager who killed herself after suffering online abuse says she is suffering the same hateful taunts from trolls The sister of a girl who died … Continue reading

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Bigshot Camera Kit Created To Teach Children About Photography

By Julian Horsey, courtesy Geeky-Gadgets – A new camera kit has been created called the Bigshot that provides everything you need to build your very own camera. The idea behind the Bigshot camera … Continue reading

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Finding the Next Einstein – STEM

Why smart is relative by Jonathan Wai, courtesy Psychology Today Project Scientist: Inspiring the Next Generation of Females How can we encourage more girls and women to pursue STEM fields? Published … Continue reading

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Head Start: College Kid Gets Prison For Rigging Student President Election

from the get-’em-while-they’re-young dept — courtesy techdirt — We’ve covered mishaps with regard to e-voting in elections for quite a while now, but you may have noticed that these stories tend to … Continue reading

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Apps to keep the little ones busy

Apps keep traveling kids engaged and their parents sane — Jinny Gudmundsen, Special for USA TODAY (courtesy USA Today) — If you are planning a trip with your children, here’s … Continue reading

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F.C.C. Backs Plan to Update a Fund That Helps Connect Schools to the Internet

WASHINGTON, by Edward Wyatt, courtesy NYTimes — The Federal Communications Commission voted on Friday to overhaul and possibly expand its E-Rate program, a $2.3 billion effort to provide schools and libraries with up-to-date … Continue reading

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Video: PROVEN eases pound-paving job hunt

For job hunters scouring the classifieds, mobile app Proven, makes the process easier and with the additional funding of $1 million contributed to its seed round taking it’s total to 3.8 mil … Continue reading

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South Mississippi students win national awards at tech competitions

Ten Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College students won 16 national awards this summer at competitions in which both community college and university-level career and technical students competed. Five of the … Continue reading

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Disney XD targets teens with three-night special event

The big kids have spoken. Or rather, Disney XD is speaking to them. From July 30 to August 1, the boy-skewing platform will host Disney Fandom, a special event that … Continue reading

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Milford schools to offer STEM program

courtesy STEM education in the Milford Exempted Village School District is reaching new heights through a program being launched this fall. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. … Continue reading

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StarWalk Kids Media Offers Free July Access to eBook Collection

StarWalk Kids Media has announced that it has made all 160-plus ebooks in its collection available free of charge for anyone with Internet access—children, families, and educators—during the entire month of … Continue reading

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What I Learned About Technology After Talking To A Bunch Of Teenagers This Weekend

by Steve Kovach, courtesy BusinessInsider I spent this weekend in Cleveland for my little cousin’s high school graduation. He’s 18. Most of his friends are 17-19 years old.  And when … Continue reading

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15-year-old girl invents flashlight powered by the heat of your hand

by James Plafke, courtesy As the internet and apps era has taken hold, younger people — often in their early twenties or late teens — have been achieving some … Continue reading

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Amazon Studios gets short with filmmakers

 by Wendy Goldman Getzler , courtesy   Amazon Studios, which has received more than 15,000 movie scripts and 3,600 series pilot scripts in its three-year existence, will now accept … Continue reading

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Supercell and GungHo’s cross-promotion mutually boosts presence in Japan and U.S.

by Stephanie Carmichael, courtesy VentureGames Successful developers Supercell and GungHo Online Entertainment launched a cross-promotion this week where Clash of Clans characters and a special dungeon appears in Puzzle & … Continue reading

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Children are our future

by John Constine, TechCrunch Children are our future, and VCs are giving them the cash to make it happen. Dylan Field, one of Peter Thiel’s 20-Under-20 fellows, just raised $3.8 … Continue reading

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Tweens Have a Big Say in Household Spending

By Lucia Moses, courtesy AdWeek It’s not enough that you’ve worked hard enough to earn a vacation (and can pay for it, too). Your kids expect to have a say … Continue reading

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LF: Coding camps for kids rise in popularity

by Jaime Henry, courtesy White/AP Sleepaway camp isn’t all bonfires, smores and crafts anymore. Today’s kids are learning the art of coding, creating video games and mastering complex programming skills … Continue reading

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glossy hi-tech speaker by repurposing wood and glass

courtesy Casey Lin, an Industrial Design student, has reinvented the glossy hi-tech speaker by repurposing wood and glass. Lin’s ‘Timbre Speakers‘ utilizes the acoustic properties of wood and glass … Continue reading

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Meet the Makers: Can a DIY movement revolutionize how we learn?

By Hiten Samtani, courtesy School Library Journal/TheDigitalShift A young patron sits down to a recording session at the “creation station” of the Darien (CT) Library. Photograph by Dru Nadler. Andrew Carle, a … Continue reading

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Apple Scores $30M iPad Deal With L.A. Schools

by Vignesh Ramachandran, courtesy mashable Apple announced Wednesday that it has landed a major deal to sell iPad tablets to the second-largest public school district in the United States. The Los … Continue reading

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(Revisit) SpongeBob, Dora move from Netflix to Amazon

selected by TiA Staff Netflix’s loss is Amazon’s gain, at least in kids’ programming. Just days after the Los Gatos-based video-on-demand company let its streaming-video rights with Viacom expire, Amazon … Continue reading

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Kids access porn sites at 6, begin flirting online at 8

Kirk Lyttle color illustration  /  St. Paul Pioneer Press By Byron Acohido (courtesy USAToday) SEATTLE — Kids start watching porn from as early as the age of 6, and flirting on the … Continue reading

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Disney Infinity: John Vignocchi interview

Tom Hoggins speaks to Disney Interactive’s executive producer about the challenge, risk and reward of Disney’s ambitious new video game and toy line. The Lone Ranger, played by Armie Hammer in … Continue reading

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Meet the creator of a ‘next-generation Lego’

Editors note: CNN’s “The Next List” will profile Ayah Bdeir, founder of the company littleBits, on Sunday at 2 p.m. ET. By The Next List Staff, CNN with Dr. Sanjay … Continue reading

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16-year-old apologizes for breaking Vine with epic Rickroll

By Francis Bea (courtesy techtrends) There’s a way around the six second limit in Vine that 16 year old Will Smidlein discovered. He published his discovery in style with one … Continue reading

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Flightcar: San Francisco sues unruly SFO car rental startup from Santa Clara

by Joshua Melvin (courtesy SAN FRANCISCO –A Santa Clara car rental startup has provoked a legal dustup at San Francisco International Airport, making it the latest in a series … Continue reading

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Netflix’s loss is Amazon’s gain, at least in kids’ programming.

(courtesy SiliconValley) Just days after the Los Gatos-based video-on-demand company let its streaming-video rights with Viacom expire, Amazon announced Tuesday a $200 million exclusive licensing deal for hundreds of popular … Continue reading

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Alaya Dawn Johnson’s The Summer Prince Blends Human Sacrifice, Samba

Photo: Alden Ford courtesy Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy One of the most distinctive YA novels of the season is Alaya Dawn Johnson’s The Summer Prince. The overstuffed Wikipedia description … Continue reading

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Day One Report: Wizard Word Comic Con, Philadelphia, May 30, 2013

by Howard Whitman (courtesy techtell) To be honest, I was iffy about hitting Philadelphia’s 2013 Wizard World Comic Con on opening day. Why? Because it was opening day! These shows … Continue reading

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STEM is the future: Top programs unlock kids’ exponential potential

STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — is at the center of the Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to diversify the city’s economy following the financial crash of 2008. By  Ben  … Continue reading

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(Pls READ) What Intel Winner Eesha Khare Teaches Us About STEM Fields

by (courtesy vitaminw) Tired of your cell phone dying at inopportune moments? Well, thanks to 18-year-old Eesha Khare that annoying problem may be a thing of the past. Khare beat … Continue reading

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Sifteo Packs Fun Education Into Tiny Cubes

Sifteo Packs Fun Education Into Tiny Cubes By Lauren Hockenson (courtesy mashable) Big things can come in small packages. San Francisco startup Sifteo’s first gaming system, Sifteo Cubes, initially looks like … Continue reading

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A Hollywood Agent Helps Web’s Cats Claw Their Way to the Top

by Katherine Rosman (courtesy wsj) For a Percentage, He Turns Internet Fame Into Cash; Grumpy Gets a Movie Deal Grumpy Cat Some celebrities simply cannot be pleased. Just ask Ben … Continue reading

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