Panasonic to demonstrate 64:9 Ultra-Wide Camera System at Integrate 2013

courtesy Panasonic – At the upcoming Integrate exhibition in Sydney this month, Panasonic will preview a unique ultra-wide angle camera system (UWCS) that stitches together the images of four High … Continue reading

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TiVo Roamio review: A pretty good DVR with a silly name

courtesy I have never made a technology purchase that my wife has greeted with more skepticism than the original TiVo digital video recorder. It was 1999 and the idea … Continue reading

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Tinkerers jump on Elon Musk’s hyperloop plans

by Justin Pritchard, courtesy MercuryNews LOS ANGELES — Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk urged the public to polish sketch plans he released last week for a “Hyperloop” that would shoot capsules full of … Continue reading

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America’s Next Top Innovator: Lab Tech for Startups

courtesy For nearly three years, America’s Next Top Energy Innovator Program (a part of President Obama’s Startup America initiative) has made it easier for startups to use inventions and … Continue reading

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Samsung Said to Introduce Watch-Like Phone Next Month

by Jungah Lee, courtesy Bloomberg – Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) will introduce a wristwatch-like device named the Galaxy Gear next month that can make phone calls, surf the Web and handle … Continue reading

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3-D Printing Stirs Copyright Clash on Homemade IPhone Gear: Tech

by Olga Kharif & Susan Decker, courtesy Bloomberg – Defending a copyright on electronics featuring its show, HBO in February demanded Sosa halt sales on his website. He did, and … Continue reading

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Elon Musk Reveals Design for High-Speed Transit System Hyperloop

by JON M. CHANG, courtesy ABC News – “Pulled all nighter working on Hyperloop (as did others). Hopefully, not too many mistakes.” That tweet from Elon Musk’s personal Twitter account was … Continue reading

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courtesy psfk “Ready, set, go!” is the type of energy MINI has unleashed on the streets of London with their illuminating ‘MINI Art Beat’. As part of the NOT NORMAL … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi-Enabled Robot Takes You on a Virtual Trip to Italy

by Adam Popescu, courtesy mashable – San Pellegrino Fruit Beverages is giving fans of Italy a free, if virtual, trip to Taormina, Sicily. You don’t need frequent flyer miles or even … Continue reading

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Improved designs and technologies welcome a ‘new era of airships’

Ben Popken, courtesy NBC News – Whether you call them blimps, zeppelins, dirigibles or airships, new breakthrough designs offer tantalizing possibilities for achieving the long-held dream of viable lighter-than-air travel and transport. … Continue reading

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Musk Fortune Soars $570 Million as Tesla Beats Estimates

by Gillian Wee, courtesy Bloomberg – Elon Musk’s fortune soared $570 million today as shares of Tesla Motor Inc. (TSLA), the electric-car company he co-founded in 2003, rallied 14 percent after … Continue reading

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Pass the salt: Common condiment could enable new high-tech industry

courtesy – CORVALLIS, Ore. – Chemists at Oregon State University have identified a compound that could significantly reduce the cost and potentially enable the mass commercial production of silicon nanostructures … Continue reading

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A Breathalyzer That Knows When You’re Burning Fat

by Susan Young, courtesy TechnologyReview  – Monitoring acetone in breath could tell dieters whether their efforts are paying off. Why It Matters Dieters don’t have convenient ways to quickly and … Continue reading

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Bigshot Camera Kit Created To Teach Children About Photography

By Julian Horsey, courtesy Geeky-Gadgets – A new camera kit has been created called the Bigshot that provides everything you need to build your very own camera. The idea behind the Bigshot camera … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Google Made A Tablet That’s Better Than The iPad Mini

It’s still tough to think of Google as a hardware company. – by Steve Kovach, courtesy BusinessInsider But in the last year and change, it’s been surprising everyone with a … Continue reading

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Incredible Mini-Robot Heading to Space Soon (video)

by Chritty Watts – Referred to as a companion for space dwellers, at 13.4 inches and 2.2 pounds, Kirobo has a twitter account, will document activity through a built-in camera system … Continue reading

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Beats Rolls Out New Line of Studio Headphones

As reported by Shirley Halperin at The Hollywood Reporter:  – Co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine call technological innovations to their debut product “the sound of the future.” – Beats by Dr. Dre … Continue reading

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The High Tech Boeing 777: Production Team – Video

by TiA Staff – Weeks ago when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed landed at San Francisco International, we were left wondering why flight catastrophes happen.  So close yet so far,  were the … Continue reading

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New Gorilla Glass protects touch-screen notebooks courtesy OddOnion – It’s hard to imagine a more disastrous scenario than dropping a cool $1,300 on a Chromebook Pixel only to end up scratching its … Continue reading

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Why Aereo’s Free Ride Will Ultimately Crash

The startup has stayed alive exploiting loopholes, but broadcasters will protect the biz at all costs by Todd Spangler, courtesy Variety – Broadcast TV execs are apoplectic that Aereo — … Continue reading

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A new reason to use fuel cells for data centers: fire prevention

by Katie Fehrenbacher, story ccourtesy Gigaom Summary: Fire prevention is the latest benefit of using fuel cells in data centers, according to data center giant Equinix, a German project developer … Continue reading

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A magnetic pen for smart phones adds another level of conveniences

courtesy A doctoral candidate at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) developed a magnetically driven pen interface that works both on and around mobile devices. This … Continue reading

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YouTube creator Freddie Wong talks season 2 of ‘VGHS,’ and how to scare Hollywood

by Michael Rogeau, courtesy digitaltrends Last year Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold contributed to the ongoing experiment  to see if the Internet can replace broadcast TV. For years Wong has … Continue reading

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NYC Colorful Subway Grid by Max Roberts!

Prolific map and subway “Artisit” Maxwell Roberts work has been commissioned by New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Washington D.C. and Chicago.  Here’s a closeup of New Yorks subway system, and … Continue reading

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Barnaby Jack, Computer Hacker, Dead at 36 – R.I.P.

by Jordan Robertson, courtesy Bloomberg — Barnaby Jack, a computer-security professional with a showman’s flair for demonstrating technical weaknesses in ATMs and medical devices, has died. He was 36. He died … Continue reading

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Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy

by James Manyika, Michael Chui, Jacques Bughin, Richard Dobbs, Peter Bisson, and Alex Marrs — — courtesy TheMcKinseyReport The relentless parade of new technologies is unfolding on many fronts. Almost … Continue reading

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A “SMART” Car Tunnel that Diverts Flood Waters

by Shawn Saleme, courtesy visual news — How does a major metropolitan city and its transportation systems deal with monsoon weather each year? You build a tunnel that can take the floodwater when … Continue reading

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Video (04:40): LaFerrari Technology

by TiA Staff — Video courtesy This is the LaFerrari, technologically advanced in comfort and performance.  The compelling video details the difference in it and the Formula I version for racing. For full … Continue reading

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Press Release: Six Months of Computing Time Generates Detailed Portrait of Cloth Behavior for Video Games

courtesy CarnegieMellon Data-driven Technique Created by Carnegie Mellon and Berkeley Researchers Will Improve Real-time Animation of Complex Phenomena — PITTSBURGH—It would be impossible to compute all of the ways a … Continue reading

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Perfecting digital imaging

by Manny Morone ’14, courtesy July 22, 2013 New research in computer graphics, presented at SIGGRAPH, will advance artificial vision, 3D displays, and video editing Cambridge, Mass. – Computer … Continue reading

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AEREO: CEO Chet Kanojia Interview (video)

Think you want in? — Cool, calm and collected would apply to AEREO’s CEO Chet Kanojia as he is interviewed on stage at FORTUNES  ‘BRAINSTORM TECH 2013’ .  The product is on a … Continue reading

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Report hails ‘$1 trillion’ apps market, but most downloads are still free

courtesy theguardian Reports from App Annie and Flurry paint mixed picture of app world (which, by the way, isn’t a $1 trillion market after all) Flurry’s data indicates that most … Continue reading

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VIDEO: A Tale of Three Cities

See how cities grow smarter courtesy of IBM. — Thank you, TiA Related articles The Late Movies: Fictional Journalists ( Observer – Full uncut version ( Video: Bubble Mania ( … Continue reading

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Are smartwatches the next big thing?

By Troy Wolverton, courtesy mercurynews — Pebble Technology Pebble Watch Wolverton: Smartwatches are coming, but will there be many buyers? — If you’re like most Americans, you don’t wear a wristwatch. … Continue reading

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Industrial Firewalls Ward Off Cyber Attacks, Keep Industrial Process Control Networks Secure

Press release [Monday 15 July 2013] As industrial automation adopts an Ethernet-based network, production processes in factories can achieve intelligent manufacturing and benefit from real-time monitoring and remote management. However, … Continue reading

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Why 3D Printing Will Work in Fashion

In case you haven’t heard, 3D printing has entered the mainstream, and it will disrupt every industry’s manufacturing processes slightly differently. Let’s talk about why it will work in fashion. … Continue reading

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Forget Throwback Jersey’s, Samsung is bringing back the FLip Phone

by Chritty Watts Sign me up!  According to published reports, Korea based Samsung is developing the ‘Galaxy Folder’ similar to the once popular old school ‘flip phone’.  As Smartphones, big or … Continue reading

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When TV Just Isn’t TV Anymore

by Ryan Lawler, courtesy TechCrunch — We live in a world where Netflix is receiving Emmy nominations. The streaming video company received an unprecedented number of Emmy nominations — 14 in … Continue reading

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New Web-Enabled Technology Records the Presence of Species by Analyzing Their Sounds

Identifying, and monitoring the fluctuations of thousands of species in tropical ecosystems is a difficult challenge, but newly developed technology now makes it much easier. Scientists report on new cyberinfrastructure which … Continue reading

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(Video) Fascinating Look Inside the TESLA Factory

posted by TiA Staff — This is an inside look at the Tesla factory. Your feedback is encouraged. Related articles Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) CEO Speaks at TESLIVE ( Goldman … Continue reading

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New computer is the size of a pack of index cards, costs $100

by Dylan Tweeney, courtesy VentureBeat drawing by CompuLab, an Israeli maker of embedded computing products, has announced a tiny, bare-bones computer called the Utilite that will sell for $99 … Continue reading

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Video: Robotic gaming enters the real world with the debut of Anki

by Colin Druce-McFadden, courtesy dvice It’s been a big week for gaming, and it seems that everyone under the sun has an idea of where gaming is going in the … Continue reading

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Video: VIRTUIX Kickstarter Campaign

by Tia Staff Omnidirectional treadmills in virtual gaming guarantees a life like experience, positioning you as close to reality as you might enjoy playing Cowboys and Indians,  as demonstrated in the video.    We’ve … Continue reading

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Breaking Barriers in the Game Industry – Motion Capture

by Daniel Noel, Seeking Validation As the late Roger Ebert infamously stated in 2010, “video games cannot be art…no video gamer now living will survive long enough to experience … Continue reading

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The Elon Musk Hyperloop is the future (Video)

by A.M. Watts Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, it is reasonably safe to believe that Elon Musk’s unveiling of a Jetson-esque transportation system called Hyperloop will become a viable alternative … Continue reading

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Welcome to the third wave of wearable technology

 by Lieu Thi Pham | July 10, 2013, 2:30 AM PDT, courtesy smartplanet NEW YORK — When Dr. Sabine Seymour launched the Computational Fashion program at the art and technology institute Eyebeam … Continue reading

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Aereo hit with another suit

by Steven Musil, courtesy Aereo sued by Boston TV station over copyright Hearst-owned WCVB becomes the latest broadcast TV station to sue the Barry Diller-backed startup, which retransmits over-the-air … Continue reading

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British Man Claims Invention of Computer Mouse

by @ChrittyWatts July 2, 2013, America lost engineer and inventor Douglas Carl Engelbart. The computer mouse was Mr. Engelbart’s invention with a patent filed in 1967 and granted in 1970. … Continue reading

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Finalists Exhibit Tech for $465 Million Virtual Border Fence

by Aliya Sternstein, courtesy nextgov After holding demonstrations with select vendors, the Obama administration is expected to pick a contractor by year’s end for a $465 million high-tech border barrier — a … Continue reading

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Kickstarter: Question Bridge Interactive

by Hank Willis Thomas, courtesy Question Bridge Kickstarter  A responsive design platform that reveals the true complexity, diversity, and humanity within an identity group. What is Question Bridge Interactive?                                                 Meet … Continue reading

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